Cinémathèque de Tanger



A few weeks ago, Dominique Besnehard devoted one of his Chronicles in France Culture.

After having painted a glowing, touching and sincere portrait of myself, and underlined all the roles of powerful or beating Arab women I have incarnated, he ends by asking me who I am. I answer: “I believe that in the whole world, in a general way, one is far from reaching a equality man / woman either in Europe or that it is in the Arab World. Afterwards in the Arab world, in some countries and under certain regimes, it is even more difficult because there is a mixture of the tradition with religion (sometimes) misunderstood, misinterpreted which makes that women are doubly victims of a system. The men are by a political system and the women doubly because there is the political system, the tradition and the social condition. ”

I persist and sign!

This is the reason why I accepted the invitation of the Cinémathèque of Tangier to join the adventure Arabiyat.

An event that opens the debate on Arab women and their situations, through cinema, with THE glances of brilliant women who have reflected and written on these issues.

As godmother of Arabiyat, I invite you to come and many to share the films, to exchange, debate, meet all these events.

Hiam Abbass, godmother of Arabiyat
Palestinian actress, director and producer