Cinémathèque de Tanger


10 YEARS !

The adventure goes on !

Why keep the camera rolling ?

For movies, for the love of cinema.

For this unchanging desire to discover and share new forms and expressions of cinema, and understand our times through images that preceed us, to keep an eye on how the world goes round. Share with the audience, with the audiences. Yes, the many audiences, from the most faithful ones to the curious minds, from audiences with limited access to cultural practices to audiences to be encouraged to set foot in a cinema for the first time, while 99% of pupils from public schools we have asked.

This unfailing joy to hear youths laugh out loud or burst into tears during a Keaton or Chaplin movie as if it were their premiere !

From archive films and cinema classics to contemporary creations and documentaries, whether they make us wail, shout, laugh or think, cinema is about celebration.

The Cinémathèque de Tanger is a unique place, let’s celebrate this first decade together and the next one to come !