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What Is a Restatement Clue

When you interpret an image, you actively question and study what the image means and suggests. Write a paragraph describing your first job. In the paragraph, use five words that were previously unknown to you. These words can be jargon words or you can consult a dictionary or thesaurus to find a new word. Be sure to provide a specific contextual clue to understand each word. Exchange papers with a classmate and try to decipher the meaning of the words in the other`s paragraphs using contextual cues. In addition to contextual cues to help you understand the meaning of a word, consider the following parts of the word: prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Sometimes a text directly indicates the definition or reformulation of the unknown word. The short definition or reformulation is indicated by a word or punctuation mark. Consider the following example: Contextual tipsWords or expressions in text that help clarify the meaning of an unknown word.

are snippets of information in a text that help you decipher the meaning of unknown words. Since most of your vocabulary knowledge comes from reading, it`s important that you recognize contextual cues. By becoming aware of certain words and phrases that surround a difficult word, you can make logical assumptions about its meaning. Here are the different types of contextual clues: Sometimes a text gives a synonym for the word unknown to signal the meaning of the unknown word: Maggie was a precocious child, to say the least. At the age of three, she created brilliant watercolors. At first, her parents were stunned – completely overwhelmed – by their daughter`s abilities, but they soon got used to their little painter. Her kindergarten teacher said the dexterity or ease with which she used her hands was something she had never seen before in such a young child. Little Maggie has never been happy or proud of her paintings; She just smiled contentiously as she finished one and asked her parents to give it to someone as a gift.

Whenever people first met Maggie, they often watched her paint with her mouth, but her parents always kept their mouths shut and simply smiled at their “little Monet.” If you visit Alaska, you`ll likely see a lot of glaciers or slow ice masses. Although ailurophobia is an unknown word, the phrase gives an example of its effects. Using this example, a reader might confidently suspect that the word means fear of cats. I knew Mark`s ailurophobia was in full swing because he started shaking and stuttering when he saw my cat Ludwig sneak under the bed. The word disgust contrasts with its opposite: adoration. In this context, the reader can guess that disgust means to love great. In other cases, the text may rephrase the meaning of the word in a different way by using punctuation as a signal. Look at the following example: Similarly, the word can signal a contrast that can help you define a word by its antonym. Jargon is a type of abbreviated communication commonly used in the workplace. It is the technical language of a particular field. Imagine you`re working as a waiter in a restaurant for the first time and your manager tells you he`s going to be the “eighty-six” fried chicken. If you don`t know that “eighty-six” means removing an item from the menu, you might be confused.

Marina was outraged – angry – when she found out that her brother had gone to the party without her. In this sentence, the word glacier is defined by the phrase that follows the signal word or, which are slow ice masses. Look for signal words such as and for example. These words signal that the meaning of a word can be revealed by example. In this sentence, the word suggests that it is synonymous with the word connotations. The word and sometimes synonyms for signal. Sometimes a text will give you an example of the word that sheds light on its meaning: the first time you start a job, no matter where it is, you will come across jargon that will likely be foreign to you. Maybe after doing the work for a short time, you too will feel comfortable enough to use it. However, when you are hired for the first time, the jargon can be confusing and you feel like an outsider. If you can`t decipher jargon based on context, it`s always a good policy to ask for it. I hate buying clothes, but I love grocery shopping.

Although Fuming Mad is not outraged by any formal definition of the word, it serves to define it. In both of these examples, the signals – the word or punctuation marks – are used to indicate the meaning of the unknown word. Other signals you should look for are the words is like, means, known as and refers to .. .