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What Is Audi Key User Agreement

To manage the Audi connect® functions of your vehicle with myAudi, download the myAudi app, add your chassis number and become a key user of your vehicle.* To become a key user, the myAudi account holder must create a key user agreement. When creating the agreement, the account holder must contact the merchant to have it verified. Once the agreement is verified, the key user can be installed in the vehicle. To set up the key user, you must have access to the 10-digit vehicle code. The vehicle code can be found under an opaque security sheet that came with your key at the time of sale. To complete the setup, refer to your online user manual and follow the steps in the vehicle. A key user or a secondary user represents the owner and/or additional driver of the vehicle. These are the account holders authorised by Audi to access certain vehicle functions and information in the myAudi mobile app. With an Audi connect® subscription, you can access the network functions already equipped with your Audi. Check the status of your Audi connect® subscription in myAudi to see which connected packages are active and available in your vehicle.* The key user can assign up to five secondary users.

The key user can assign secondary users as follows: The key user varies depending on the model, so please look for the location in the vehicle of your key user status in the online user manual. A key or secondary user can also be identified from the User Management page. To access the user management page:• Log in to the app• In the Vehicle tab, scroll down to the User Management section and select “Go to User Management”*• If you select “User Management”, a list of primary and secondary users is displayed on the User Management screen • The key user is accessible via the Key User icon in the Vehicle tab and in the vehicle selector Can be identified• A secondary user can be identified via the “Secondary User” icon in the “Vehicle” tab and in the vehicle selector* To access vehicle information in the myAudi app, you must first register the Vehicle Information Number (VIN) by adding it to your profile. If you purchased a new Audi, you can delete an earlier chassis number by following the instructions.*. . . .